Tardi and the Grande Guerre

It’s impossible to write about WW1 & comics without dedicating at least one post to French comics artist Jacques Tardi (born 1946). He has indeed produced many graphic novels and comics, mainly focusing on the collective European trauma of the First World War. His grandfather’s involvement in the day-to-day horrors of trench warfare, seems to have had a deep influence to his work, which include Adieu Brindavoine, C’était la guerre des tranchées, Le trou d’obus, Putain de Guerre…

Today’s illustration come from C’était la guerre des tranchées, first published in France in 1993, with a part previously published in 1983.


La Grande Guerra – Storia di Nessuno

Yesterday’s post about Joe Sacco inspired me for this post and the next ones, which will be dedicated to Comics and the Great War. I had presented some time ago Charley’s War ; here is now one of the few examples of Italian comics I know: La Grande Guerra – Storia di nessuno, written by Alessandro di Virgilio and Davide Pascutti. The book was published by Becco Giallo in 2008, but the book can be found again this year in bookshops, because WW1 is much more trendy now!


The story is rather classical and mixes modern times and the Great War events. The book is completed by excerpt of war diaries of letters sent by soldiers. A bibliography is included too.