War movie posters: Paths of Glory

Or Orizzonti di Gloria, as it’s the Italian translation of this 1957 Stanley Kubrick’s movie. The release of the film in 1958 and its showing in parts of Europe were controversial. The film was vehemently criticized it after its showing in Brussels. In France, the film was not submitted to French censors, and was not shown in France until 1975, when moral codes had changed. In Germany, the film was not allowed to be shown for two years after its release to avoid any strain in relations with France. As far as I know, the film was released in Italy without particular problem

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War movie posters: Uomini Contro

I had the chance to visit a small exhibition in Gallarate (Italy) about war movies’ posters, I wanted to share with you some of them, which are of course all movies linked to the Great War. The first one of this series is 1970 movie, Uomini Contro, directed by Francesco Rosi. I had already published another post about this movie.

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