La nostra guerra

This wonderful picture comes from an Italian book published in 1931: La nostra guerra – Una storia breve per gli Italiani all’estero (Our War – a short story for Italians who live abroad). I wasn’t too much interested in the text (which is full of fascist rhetoric). On the opposite, it contains wonderful maps and illustrations. These latter are the creation of Italian artist Publio Morbudicci, who was a sculptor too. We’ve already met him in this blog, as he is the co-author of this monument in Turin.


Relax, it’s Friday

It’s Friday and I think we can have all some relax, just like these Italian soldiers. Have you noticed the two demijohns on the table behind them? I love the word “demijohn”, which clearly comes from the french “dame-jeanne”,  “Lady Jane” (Italian is very similar, as it’s “damigiana”. This word occurred initially in France in the 17th century.