Barbed Wire Cutters

My pathological interest for barbed wire isn’t a secret; that’s why my father has kindly offered me this cutter for barbed wire he found in a flea market in France.

This model was produced by Peugeot Frères (yes, the car manufacturer) in 1915; this is the “big” model, as it’s about 45cm long. A smaller version of the same cutter exists.


Here’s a detail of the mechanism, with the name of the producer stamped on it.


Bastille Day

No surprise for this day: today will be dedicated to Bastille Day, it’s my way to celebrate this date, even if I live abroad! I’ve chosen a photograph taken on July 14, 1919: it was probably one of the most impressive military parades France has ever seen. In this picture, we can see men of the 20th French Army Corps with their flags passing under the Arc de Triomphe.