Gurkha officers

Today’s post pays homage to some of most fascinating soldiers of the Great War (and other conflicts too): the Nepalese Gurkhas. Here’s a portrait of some of their officers (calles “subedar”) at their arrival in Marseille, France. During WW1, more than 200,000 Gurkhas served in the British Army, suffering approximately 20,000 casualties, and receiving almost 2,000 gallantry awards.


The orders

Saturday was my lucky day. I had found in a flea market the grater I wrote about yesterday, but I was able to find by another reseller some very interesting paper documents, mainly about war in Italy, to be more precise written by the “Comando di Val Zebrù“. Here’s  an example, with handwritten order for sentry duty. I still have to study these documents, which will be a wonderful basis for some article!