The last post

This post is the 1561th published on this blog and this will be the last one.

I have taken this decision some time ago; I decided to reach the numbers of days the Great War lasted (1561 days, from England’s declaration of war to November 11, 1918) to communicate and explain this choice.

This decision isn’t linked to a minor interest in the Great War, on the contrary! I am happy I helped in some way people to discover some less-known sides of WW1, and to pay homage to all actors and victims of this conflict. I am working on several projects linked to this conflict (last but not least, a book I began to write in 2008, I think) and every week-end, when I can, is dedicated to the search of new items and documents in flea markets.

On the other hand, it was harder for me to find new interesting material for my readers and followers. Keeping my promise of publishing a post a day was getting  more challenging, that’s the reason why this blog, in its current form, ends here.

The blog was launched in June 2011 (see here the very first post). It allowed me to meet – virtually or not – a lot of people and have new friends, and to make new discoveries. I’ll certainly continue to publish some material on Twitter (my account is simply @ww1photographs) when I’ll find some interesting stuff to write on or to show.

In any case, this blog will stay online (as long as it’s free, at least..), I promise I’ll inform you about my WW1 activities, digital or not! Many thanks to you all, readers, followers, authors of comments (especially you, Mike), for your support and friendship over these four years!

3 thoughts on “The last post

  1. Non posso che essere dispiaciuto di questa tua decisione, ma sono certo di poterti rileggere nel prossimo tuo mirabolante progetto, dopo “Les anciens d’Italie”, dopo “ww1photographs”, attendo con impazienza la prossima avventura. Un gran saluto e ringraziamento, a presto. Mauro

  2. And so it ends like the Great War, with a mixture of sadness for the difficult long journey and elation for the return to a peaceful time. Thank you, F-Xavier, for sharing your collection and introducing us to your appreciation of history. Your excellent blog demonstrated the true global power of the internet, by offering readers from around the world a personal insight into how this war changed the course of history, and how it still has significance for the world today. I know that I was very touched by the great respect you have shown to all the soldiers and the many people of 1914-1918 who suffered in this terrible conflict.

    Though telling such a long story in a daily post was like watching a marathon runner, (can he make it?) we are very happy for you to cross the finish line. Hooray! Well done! Even a colossal book must have a last page. I wish you well on your next endeavors and hope that we will cross virtual (or even real) paths again. Merci beaucoup mon ami.

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