An exhibition in York

Second stopping place of our British journey, with a visit of York Castle Museum, where is held an exhibition entitled “1914: When the World changed forever”.

The items which are displayed (until 1918) are – I’d say – rather classic, such as this British gas mask, which remains anyway very impressive.


One good point of such is an exhibition is that it’s intended to children too. Children were allowed to touch some items, such a this SMLE rifle, with the support of very nice volunteers. Note the white gloves used by my daughter!


At the end of exhibition, children were encouraged to write their thoughts on a wall.


The Colours of the Northamptonshire Regiment

As you may have noticed, the post published during the three previous weeks were written in advance and scheduled, as I was away for a well-deserved break… This break included about two weeks for a tour of England. Even if I am French citizen, I must confess I suffer from anglophilia and I wanted to visit a lot of places (not all linked to the First World War, I am fond of the Victorian years too). That’s the reason why I’ll present over the next days in this blog some of the WW1-related things I’ve met during my journey, starting from the colours of the Northamptonshire Regiment, which are displayed in the cathedral of Peterborough we visited during our journey between London and York.

To know more about this unit, it’s just a click away! See you tomorrow for another post!