s**t happens

I think this is the thought of the British seaplane pilot who ended against this semaphore.

According to the caption of these two pucture pusblished in Le Pays de France weekly magazine, he survived the crash but was so shocked that he had to be rescued by two sailors (one of them is portrayed in the picture). Does any of my reader know more about this story?


British Gun Carrier Mark I, a.k.a. supply tank

I was searching some nice material for today’s post in Le Pays de France 1918-1919 edition and I stumbled upon these two pictures of a British tank I didn’t know. They were described in this magazine as supply tanks. This made sense, as the one below has “SUPPLY” written on its side…


A quick search on the Web allowed me to discover that these tanks were British Gun Carrier Mark I. These tanks were conceived as pieces of propelled artillery (with 5-inch or 6-inch guns) , but these vehicles were ultimately only used as supply tanks.