The War Memorial of Como

Loacted on the share of Como Lake, with its 30m heigth, it’s hard to miss the impressive war memorial of Como city, erected to celebrate the memory of the 650 men of this twon fallen during the Great War. This monument and its story is linked to one of them: Antonio Sant’Elia, a young architect and one of the early members of the first generation of Futurist artists.

The idea of such a monument is inspired by one of his projects, which was for a hydroelectric power station. After the war, Tommaso Marinetti convinced local authorities to erect a lantern-tower based on Sant’Elia’s sketches, with some changes and improvements added by Futurist painter Enrico Prampolini. The latter asked then the support of the famous architect Giuseppe Terragni. The monument was finally inaugurated on November 4, 1933.

2015-04-06 15.12.03

Buona Pasqua

i.e. “Happy Easter” to all my readers! The picture I’ve chosen for this post comes from the 1919 edition of La Tradotta. It imagines the kind of gifts received by children after the war: hand grenades (named “ballerine”, i.e. “dancers”, because of the kind of gown they had), transformed in puppets…