Compagnia della Morte

I am just back from an exhibition held in Milan about Great War newspapers and I’ve realized that I own about half of the items shown :-)… With my blog, you don’t even have to leave your seat to enjoy these newspapers!

For you, today, here’s the cover of weekly Domenica del Corriere (created by Achille Beltrame) published on 23 January 1916. It shows a Compagnia della Morte (Death Company), i.e. a group of Italian soldiers whose mission was the destruction of enemy’s barbed wire. Even if some French Adrian helmets were distributed to Italian troops at the end of 1915, these men wear another kind of helmet introduced in October 1915: the Farina helmet, created by Ferruccio Farina. There were two models: one for trench service and another for these Compagnie della Morte. This kind of helmet was very uncomfortable and heavy (2,250 gr for the “high” model and 1,850 gr for the “low” one).