Colorized picture of an Italian sergeant

Some time ago, a follower of my blog gently colorized a pic of mine showing US soldiers (see this post), today another follower did the same work on a picture of an Italian sergeant dated 1916 (see the original post). Here’s the B&W version:



And here is result! Chapeau!



4 thoughts on “Colorized picture of an Italian sergeant

  1. Chapeau FX !
    Tu as l’adresse de ce site ou photographe ?
    J’aimerai le contacter pour voir s’il serait possible de réaliser cela avec l’unique photo de mon grand père Alpino à 18 ans
    Passer par le site cimeetrincee via mail FFZ
    La metéo s’améliore en Italie ?


  2. Salve, mi dispiace guastare la festa, ma le mostrine del soldato semplice sono state colorate con due righe azzurre (Brigata Forlì, 43° e 44° Fanteria) e invece dovevano essere cremisi (41° e 42° Fanteria, Brigata Modena). Sarà semplice risistemare.

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