A coloured photograph

My series of studio portraits taken in Tréveray (Meuse, France) between 1917 and 1918 counts a lot of fans, and one of the pics shown some time ago was colorized by the team of Photo Pheonix. I’ve been kindly contacted by them in order to get my approval. The result of their work is quite impressive:


As you can see on this side-by-side picture, there was an additional work of restoration of the original B&W photograph.



One thought on “A coloured photograph

  1. This is very impressive work and does give a new perspective to the image. It is not unlike some of the color paint effects achieved by early photographers. There were short movies made in the 1910-1918 era that were produced in original color (they can be found on YouTube) and they have a realism that reminds us that the era had many hues and pigments we can’t see in B&W film. But colorizing these photos is problematic for historians as the new color choices are no different than what any artist would chose for an illustration or painting. The original sepia tone image records the real light that reached the camera and colorizing is still just an interpretation.

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