Assault with gas masks

Another assault, after yesterday one. Italian troops, equipped with gas masks and special lenses, are fighting against Austro-Hungarian soldiers. As you can see, Italian gas masks were not very developped; indeed at the end of the war the British model was widely used on this front. You may have noticed that on such pictures German and Austro-Hungarian soldiers hardly wear helmets. This was not historically right of course; this must be considered as a stylistic choice from the artist (Achille Beltrame), in order to make them look weaker than they were.



Assault of Arditi

I’ve just realized that only 3 of my 1,300 posts published until now were linked in some way with the Arditi, the famous elite Italian soldiers. I had published in December a futurist drawing about an arditi assault, it’s time to show a more classical drawing. This one was published in the 8th issue of Signorsì September 20, 1918)  an Italian war magazine.