A letter to the Mayor

Another document linked to prisoners of war, but for once it’s not a picture nor a photograph. It’s indeed a letter, dated July 23, 1915 and written by the tenente colonnello of the 5th reggimento alpini, a famous Italian unit. The letter is written to the mayor of the small town of San Siro, in Como province. The mayor is asked to inform the family of soldier Romualdo Muga Ruga, born in 1891, that he was wounded during the battle of the Lakes of Presana of June 15 and is now a POW at the reserve hospital of Kufstein.

I have checked the database of the fallen soldiers of Lombardy and wasn’t able to find the name of this soldier, this means that he probably survived the war, after having spent the whole duration of the war in Austria (war was declared on May 23).



2 thoughts on “A letter to the Mayor

  1. Secondo me il cognome è Ruga, la R è identica a quella di Romualdo. Cognome difatti concentrato fra Piemonte e Lombardia. E comunque è sopravvissuto anche lui.

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