Barrack 7A

You know I love pictures of prisoners of war and this one is one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen. I suppose 7A is the name of their barrack. This is truly a high-quality picture, probably taken by a professional. The picture was sent as a postcard by a soldier named Richarme to his family in French Haute-Savoie, we can suppose he was one of the portrayed chasseurs. There are not only French soldiers (chasseurs, but soldiers of the colonial troops, etc.); I was able to identify Belgian ones, British and even Russian ones!



2 thoughts on “Barrack 7A

  1. This is a superb photo that reveals a lot of each individual’s character. I have several photo postcards of groups of POWs from 1914-18 and they often show a mixture of French, English, Belgian, and Russian, and colonials, but I believe the Germans kept the Russians segregated because they were used for labor, whereas the others were not.

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