A Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby) regiment shoulder title badge

Do you think I could leave England without any WW1 souvenir? Nonsense.

I was interested in finding some British insignia and I must say it was much easier to find than I thought. I found shops which sell such items in Warwick, in Bath and they had several items. For some strange reason I cannot explain, I am not interested in cap bages, but in shoulder titles. I was looking for some unites, especially the ones which fought in Italy.

Finally I was able to find a shoulder title of the Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby) Regiment in London, in Hearts & Dagger shop, which definitely deserves a visit. This unit was the unit of Edward Brittain, the brother of Vera Brittain.

The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) was formed during the 1881 Childers Reforms of the British Army. In 1902, the Nottinghamshire association was made explicit, the name changing to The Sherwood Foresters (Nottingham and Derbyshire) regiment. During the First World War, the Sherwood Foresters had 33 battalions in service, of which 20 served overseas: mainly on the Western Front, but also in Gallipoli, Italy and the Middle East. Over 140,000 men served in the regiment, which lost 11,400 killed. The regiment won 57 battle honours and 2,000 decorations, including nine Victoria Crosses. Officers and men from the 12th Battalion produced the Wipers Times.

During the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland, the Sherwood Foresters took part in the Battle of Mount Street Bridge in Dublin, where they suffered heavy losses against a small handful of Irish volunteers.



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