Attack against barbed wire

This picture, published on Domenica della Corriere weekly in February 1915, is, as far as I am concerned a very important document. as you know, Italy entered the war about 8 months after the other European countries. Usually, the historical debate is about the fact this country broke its alliance with Germany and Austria, but I think one should wonder why the country entered the war without any preparation. The effects of use of new weapons (machine guns) and defence systems (such as the barbed wire) were indeed well known in Italy, as shown by this picture, but the whole Italian military strategy after May 1915 didn’t take that into account.



2 thoughts on “Attack against barbed wire

  1. The artist wanted to depict the heroism and valor of soldiers, but instead it is their vulnerability and futility that we see! How long did it take for the Italian war office to recognize that red caps and pantaloons were inappropriate uniforms for modern warfare?

  2. Hi Mike,

    I supposed you meant “French War Office”, as Italians adopted the “grigioverde” uniform in 1907.
    French authorities developped the “bleu horizon” pattern in 1915, too late to avoid the slaughter of the first months of the war.

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