Soldier’s Club

I had almost forgotten my collection of pictures of US soldiers in France, it’s time to show some of them! This one is quite interesting because they show us Doughboys at a Soldier’s Club in Tréveray, France. I suppose these soldiers are about to receive their pay (some other pictures taken in the same location show them with huge French bank notes.

This Soldier’s club was managed by Chaplain S.C. Ramsden. I’ve found here and there his name on some Web pages (mainly about old newspapers), if you have more information about this man, just let me know!



3 thoughts on “Soldier’s Club

  1. Stanley C Ramsden, Chaplain US ARMY with 28th Infantry, 3rd Battalion
    born: 5 August 1871, England; emigrated: 1892; began military service: chaplain, 1908;
    stationed Ft. Snelling, MN,; Cuba: duties included post librarian;
    wife: Emma A.; children: two sons, Clayton W., Earl I., one daughter, Alfaretta P.;
    retired after 1918 as Lt. Col.;
    returned to service 1941 at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington DC.,
    date of death: unknown

    Hope that can add more clues. How close was the Soldiers Club to your photographer’s Studio?

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