Smoking in the trenches

You have to help me, because I don’t remember if I already published today’s picture. Indeed I found it by chance in some volume of the Panorama della guerre de 1914, but I remember well I found it before elsewhere, stating that this picture was published with a wrong caption. Indeed, in the volume I am using as a basis, these soldiers are described as Sikhs, whereas they are not allowed to smoke according to their religion.

By the way, according to the very same caption, it was stated that they used such clay pipes to smoke tobacco or, when they hadn’t some, any kind of “dried herbs”…



2 thoughts on “Smoking in the trenches

  1. The same image is found on the cover of the January 16, 1915 issue of The Illustrated London News. The caption says Sikh and Hindu soldiers may smoke tobacco, only not through supposedly Christian paper cigarettes. Instead they use clay pipes and straws. It says Mohammedans (Muslims) had no restrictions. There is no mention of herbs.

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