Beer o’clock

I am just back from Militalia military fair in Milan, where I’ve spent the whole day. Twice a year, I go to this fair and sell items from my collection (mainly WW2 stuff, as you may have understood I am more interested in WW1). My wife allows me to go there only if the volume of stuff I bring home at the end of the day is less than the original volume brought from home. Mission accomplished, I was even able to make some benefit!

This day was the occasion to sell & buy military stuff, to see old friends, to meet new friends and even maybe some work-related contacts. And I was able to refill my collection of WW1 documents too! I’ll show you them over the next days, let’s start with this funny postcard (dated 1912) of German soldiers having a beer. The strange thing is that the photograph was clearly taken in some studio… Anyway, prosit!



2 thoughts on “Beer o’clock

    • yeah, indeed. That the kind of backdrop which was used in photographers’ studios in those years. Usually you can identify a studio thanks to the backdrop or some of the props used, but it’s the first time I find a studio’s picture with a table, chairs and beer…

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