A park of British tanks

I’ve found by chance today in Milan in a bookshop the seventh volume of The History of the Great European War by W. Stanley MacBean Knight and I just wanted to share with you this impressive picture of a park of tanks just behind the British lines.

Rather strangely, I’ve found only two other examples of the same picture on the Web… Now let’s see if I can get the remaining 9 volumes!



One thought on “A park of British tanks

  1. Have you ever heard of “Harper’s Pictorial Library of the World War”? It is similar to “The History of the Great European War”. It is normally listed as having only 11 Volume but there is actually a 12th Volume. The XII volume covered “The great results of the war : economics and finance, the peace treaty, The League of Nations. Index.”

    The original 11 volumes were sold as a set with the 12th included in the price but it would not be shipped until 1921.

    A few years back I was fortunate to be offered an entire set of the first 11 volumes. They were in their wooden shipping crate, complete with labels, and the crate had never been opened. The crate had been stored in an attic. The people who sold it to me opened the crate only to see what was inside. The books were so tightly packed that they didn’t try to remove any of the books. Each volume was wrapped in a thick tissue paper that had a cut-out allowing the name to be seen and at the bottom a cut-out allowing the volume number to be seen. Between each volume was also a thin piece of card stock.

    Each volume was absolutely pristine and I was the first person since they were published to ever hold the books and look through them. I know have them on top of a book case and am using their shipping crate to hold them.

    Best part…i was able to purchase the set for $25, the shipping was $35.

    It took me a long time to find a copy of Volume XII that even came close to the condition of the ones in the crate. When I found it it cost me $45 and the shipping was $20.

    if you are interested in seeing a picture of them, in their crate, e-mail me and I can send it to you.

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