Vest Pocket Kodak

The Vest Pocket Kodak cameras were a worldwide best-selling folding camera series made by Eastman Kodak (Rochester), from 1912 to 1926. During the First World War, a version was advertised as the “Soldier’s camera”. It was manufactured from 1915 to 1926, sold 1,750,000 times. This camera back had an area through which notes could be written onto the paper backing of the film, this was the “autographic” feature – invented by Henry J. Gaisman. The ad shown below, published on the Domenica del Corriere weekly, presents an optional model with the Kodak Anastigmat f/7.7 lens.



One thought on “Vest Pocket Kodak

  1. My Dad had one of these, “Autographic”, cameras. You lifted a little metal spring loaded flap on the back and wrote things. Had to use small printing/writing as area exposed wasn’t very large!

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