Air Attack

I had forgotten to show you this drawing of Morbiducci published in La nostra Guerra. The shape of the airplane is clearly inspired by the models which were flying in the 30’s. By the way, this drawing is rather similar to this ex voto I own, don’t you think?



3 thoughts on “Air Attack

  1. They are indeed similar views on what must have been a shared experience for the Italian troops. The irony is that despite the horror of aerial bombing, Italy used bombs, both explosive and mustard gas, 15 years later in the war in Ethiopia.

  2. Dear François-Xavier,
    How do you know the other post you refer to is an ex-voto? I see no wordt of thanks or initials or other religious symbol on it.
    BTW: I love your posts, I look forward to them every day! Thank you for sharing them with us!

    • Hello Jean-Marie,
      Of course I didn’t steal this painting in some church… Even if there is no clear evidence of religious symbols, its format (paint on wood), its popular origin and the kind of represented scene (a man attacked but who survived), shows that it’s an ex voto. If you’re interested in that topic, there was an exhibition in Milan about such items, with a nice catalogue.

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