Aspirante ufficiale – 1917

And here is the very same officer in 1917 (see my previous post). To be honest, even if this picture is dated 1917, I don’t see any difference with the previous one. This is again a high quality picture (the address of the photographer was C. Gandini, Via Galileo 31, Milano); the uniform seems to be absolutely identical. And here again, the man wears a glove on his left hand (was he injured?).



2 thoughts on “Aspirante ufficiale – 1917

  1. Ma il guanto l’aveva anche nella foto di ieri quindi o era un mutilato (non credo) o era un vezzo di eleganza (credo) Ciao

  2. I think you are right in saying they are identical. The puttees are wrapped with the same spacing in both photos. They must have been taken the same day. Odd that they would have been dated differently.

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