Unità skiatori

Did you know that skiers’ units were created by Italian Army in 1917? They were named “unità skiatori”. They were the following Alpini battalions:

• 2° Rgt Alpini – Btg Cuneo coys 297a, 298a, 299a

• 3° Rgt Alpini – Btg Courmayeur coys 303a, 304a, 305a

• 4° Rgt Alpini – Btg Pallanza coys 282a, 283a, 302a

• 5° Rgt Alpini – Btg Monte Mandrone coys 159a, 160a, 161a – Btg Monte Ortler coys 306a, 307a, 308a – Btg Monte Cavento coys 309a, 310a, 311a

• 7° Rgt Alpini – Btg Monte Marmolada coys 286a, 300a, 301a

• 8° Rgt Alpini – Btg Monte Nero coys  294a, 295a, 296a

This precise list comes this very complete document found on the Net.



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