RIP Bernard Maris and the other victims of Charlie Hebdo attack

A special post for today, dedicated to the victims of the slaughter which happened today in Paris at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris. I am really schocked by the killing of 12 innocent people: 2 policemen, journalists and cartoonists. One of these cartoonists was Cabu. Almost all Frenchies who are 40+ years old (just like me) were fond of this cartoonist, as he participated to a famous TV show for kids during the early 80’s. I am quite sure that his slightly anarchistic view of society had a strong influence on several people (including myself).

Even if I wanted to write this off-topic post, there’s anyway a connection with the Great War. One of the victims was French journalist Bernard Maris, who was the son-in-law of famous WW1 French writer Maurice Genevoix. Bernard Maris was the author of an essay, L’homme dans la guerre, published in 2013 about Maurice Genevoix and Ernst Jünger, two of the greatest authors of the First World War.



One thought on “RIP Bernard Maris and the other victims of Charlie Hebdo attack

  1. I share your shock at this horrific act of evil. FX. It seems the world has learned nothing 100 years after the terrorism of Sarajevo except to add to the long list of outrageous violent crimes. Let us hope that that justice will prevail without more terrible repercussions.

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