This picture would deserve a long comment, but I am very late today… I sometimes find in my collection some pictures like this one:


Seen with 21th century eyes, this scene looks very gay friendly, and I always wonder what is the story behind such pictures. Were these two men just friends or was there something more? Or are they placed very close from each other by the photographer for this shot? Or was it even normal in those day to have such a physical contact with other men without any sexual intent?


One thought on “Gay-friendly

  1. I think affectionate photos like this are too often misinterpreted by 21st century eyes as somehow being gay. I believe that in this era military camaraderie and masculine friendship was often expressed by touching and posing in a close stance. Since most soldiers enlisted together from the same town, I think the flowers are intended as good wishes to their sweethearts back home.
    The folk carving on the cane makes the photo more personal too.

    Perhaps you should do a series on military leggings as these fellows have leather leggings that are different from the wraps used by the soldiers in your previous posts.

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