Italian Names

This post may help people doing researches about their Italian ancestors. This picture was taken in the crypt located below Genoa war memorial (see my yesterday’s post). On the walls of this crypt are written the names of all soldiers from Genoa fallen during the Great War. As you can see, Parodi is a very common name in this town, that’s why after the first names of the soldiers, authorities had to add some indications when the first name was identical: “di F./di G.” as the first one was the son of a man named F… (Francesco, Fausto, etc.), whereas the second one had a father whose name began with a G: Giuseppe, Gabriel, etc., and so on. In one case, two soldiers names Andrea Parodi had a father with the very same first name (Francesco). In this case, the only solution was to indicate their birth date: 1859 and 1896.



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