American Moustache

Some words about moustaches during the Great War. I’ve noticed that there are some strong trends between 1914 and 1918… Whereas almost very French soldier wear moustaches during the war (remember they were called “poilus”), this fashion disappears starting from 1919-1920). German soldier often wear beard or moustaches too. On the other hand, moustaches and beard are not very spread in Italian and US Army, even if the man on the picture is a nice exception!



One thought on “American Moustache

  1. Yes I agree. British, French, and German mustache styles are very different. It is in the curl. I don’t believe young American soldiers typically had mustaches, but older officers who served in the 1890s might. Beards outside the front lines were unusual I think and usually only for navy sailors. After the war hair styles became very clean shaven maybe because of movie fashions and shaving cream/soap companies.

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