Buying Forage

A wonderful picture for this Wednesday! The picture may have been taken before the war, but the negative I own was in a box with pictures taken during the Great War, therefore I presume it was taken in 1914 or 1915. The location is Tréveray (Meuse, Lorraine) and the picture was taken by the village’s photographer. Most of the pictures from this series is linked to US Army, but other ones show French soldiers, such as this one. We can see French soldiers (most of them with their white working fatigues) carrying forage, which was essential for war horses. We can notice few civilians among them and even two gendarmes (?) writing in their carnets the amount of forage bought to local farmers.



One thought on “Buying Forage

  1. It seems like just an ordinary snapshot but I like the the way it stops the movement which gives it a special life. Knowing the series from your collection of the photographer’s other work, I can see him peering out of the upper window and watching the soldiers work.

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