Mutilato in guerra

Let’s present another award. This one is an Italian one, and is, as written on it (Mutilato in guerra 1915-18), an award given to Italian soldiers maimed during the War.

This award was created on May 21, 1916 by regio decreto n. 640, and extended to mutilated soldiers from previous campaigns with regio decreto n. 1221 in 1917.

This award is 26 mm high; the official version was produced by the Regia Zecca (as inscribed on its back), but several unofficial versions were produced, such as mine which is without markings. The details of each version may vary (even the dates written on it, as some of them bear “1915-16”) , which make this award an interesting one for collectionists!


There was a similar award, given to wounded soldiers: the distintivo d’onore per i militari feriti in guerra” (circolari G. M. n. 134 and 187 dated 1917).


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