S. Elia Cemetery: the grave of an unknown soldier

It’s been a long time I haven’t published any pic of the (now disappeared) S. Elia Cemetery. This cemetery, known as “Cimitero degli Invitti” was officially opened in 1923, on May 24, (May 24, 1915, was the first day of war for Italy).  It was thought and designed like a kind of battlefield, with a forest of memorabilia, personal items, furniture, pieces of weapons, projectiles, and barbed wire.

Because of the quick damaging of the cemetery because of atmospheric conditions, most of the tombs were transfered around 1936 in the Redipuglia memorial.

This tomb honored an unknown soldier, with the following verses:

Passasti fra le genti come il Piccolo Frante

ed ora dalla fossa ribalzi a noi gigante!

(You walked among people like a little soldier
and now you come from the grave like a giant!)



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