A strange bayonet

Here’s the last entry in my collection: a studio photograph of an Italian soldier. Such studio pictures are rather common (at least if you live like me in Italy ;-), but I was puzzled by his bayonet…


Here is a detail at 600 dpi of the picture. This helps us to understand this man was an artilleryman (as indicated by his hat on the left), but I’ve never seen such bayonets in use in Italian Army. The hilts reminds the French Mod. 1831 glaive. Let’s hope than my readers will help me to know more about it!



2 thoughts on “A strange bayonet

  1. Potrebbe essere, ma sottolineo potrebbe, una daga della Guardia Nazionale del 1848. Secondo il Calamandrei molte di queste daghe furono poi accorciate pre ricavare i primi pugnali d’assalto.

  2. Ah ok quindi non ero molto lontano con il mio gladio francese del 1831. Ma è veramente la prima volta che vedo un soldato italiano della Grande Guerra con questo tipo di baionette. Comunque grazie Filippo!

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