The Schwarzlose MG M.07

Isn’t this pic wonderful? It shows an Austro-Hungarian Schwarzlose MG M.07 machine gun “almost” in action. Indeed this toggle-delayed blowback and water-cooled machine gun was usually served by a crew of at least three soldiers, one of whom was the commander, usually an NCO, a gunner who carried the weapon, a third soldier who served as an ammunition carrier and loader and he would presumably also carry the tripod. Even if in practice a fourth soldier might be added to the team to carry the tripod, we have much more than 4 men on this photograph, but this allows to find a lot of details, such as the wooden ammunition case or the very very long cartridge belt!



One thought on “The Schwarzlose MG M.07

  1. I had to help carry one of these as a morale-building exercise with the officers of the 173rd in 2006, prior to deploying to Afghanistan 2007-08… it was at the battlefield above Asiago. Heavy, heavy piece of equipment, but beautiful in its own way. Much more elegant than our current machine-guns – although those, in fairness, are lighter, faster, can fire faster, and have better range.

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