The Guglielminetti Canteen

A wonderful discovery for today’s post: an Italian borraccia (canteen) Guglielminetti, which was the model used by Italian soldiers until 1917, when it was replaced by a metallic one.

This is a true discovery because this one was hidden in my library (sigh), it disappeared for years and I was convinced it was lost forever. I had founded it in the house of the greatfather of my wife, on the Garda Lake.

foto 1

Guglielminetti, born in 1797, is the inventor of this flask. It was adopted by Piemontese Army in 1851, and, with some changes, was used by Italian Army during WW1, under the name of M. 1907 canteen. Such items are now sold for a very high price, between 100 and 150 euros.

foto 2


2 thoughts on “The Guglielminetti Canteen

  1. Bravo

    E di legno o aluminio ?


    Lago di Garda ( siamo stati a Bardolino in luglio 2014 ) Bellisimo Lago della parte orientale.fine a Venezia e Pasubio
    Un altro anno per la scoperta della riva oest.


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