The nurse, the nun and the soldiers

I had bought some years ago several negatives on glass plates on eBay; these ones were in bad state and borrowed to my neighbour, who’s a photographer. Eventually, after a long work on these, I am able to share these images with you! The series was probably shot by some amateur, as the pics are far away from being perfect; but this gives even more value to them. On this first photograph, we can see soldiers from the 103rd and 104th régiment d’infanterie (territoriale), portrayed with a nurse and two nuns. Note the different uniforms worn by these men!



2 thoughts on “The nurse, the nun and the soldiers

  1. WW1 was, as many wars, a break through of medicine, technic, clothes and many other things. I wonder if we to that list also could add the photograph of the common man. The privates went to the local photographer and the photographers had good times when the market, as todays picture show, had no limits. Maybe the America portraits are in the same category. When the immigrants could show some success they sent a portrait home to the old country.

  2. The camera lens has been positioned very low to give an odd fisheye perspective that looks up to the subjects. The women add much interest to the usual arrangement of soldiers. Could they be attached to an army hospital?

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