The military papers of a Venerable

It’s Sunday and (almost) as usual, I am back from my usual flea market in Milan, where I’ve bought 10 photographs and a military ID card for a rather reasonable price. This ID military card was for an Italian doctor, who lived in Milan, and was issued in 1917.


As usual, I’ve done a check on the web to retrieve some data on this man and I’ve discovered that this Dr Ludovico Necchi was among the founders of the Università Cattolica of Milan and was even a Venerable, i.e. he was proposed for beatification by the Pope through the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Ludovico Necchi spent a part of the war on the front with the rank of Sergeant (because of an administrative mistake) and in several hospitals in the region of Milan. He died in 1930. (for a more complete biography in Italian, you can read the wikipedia page).



3 thoughts on “The military papers of a Venerable

  1. Wow, a relic of a real heroic person! This is a wonderful treasure to find.
    It is a sign of the era that an official identification document would include details like:
    Baffi – brizzolati / Barba brizzolata
    graying mustache / grizzled beard
    What does it say under the stamp for his distinguishing marks? Piccolo … destra?

  2. Hello Mike, the text says “piccolo neo sulla guancia destra”, which means “tiny mole on the right cheek. I prefer the French term “grain de beauté” which is more appealing!

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