The 1000th post! Champagne!

Yes! This post has been launched on June 24, 2011 (discover here the very first post), exactly 1000 days ago. Since this date, without exception, I’ve published every day a picture related to the Great War (well, in December 2013, I’ve published once two posts the same day…). These pictures come from my personal collection, the books I own, the visits I’ve done on the field.

Many thanks to my blog followers (who live in every part of the world), my twitter followers (more than 1,000 as today) and people who send comments (especially Mike Brubaker, who has written more comments than I did :-)).

To celebrate this step, here’s a beautiful picture of Russian soldiers fraternizing with two doughboys in a French café located in Tréveray (Meuse). This picture is very similar to another one you may remember. Because of the Soviet revolution, these Russian soldiers were in fact almost POWs, who were working at the village’s canal, under the guard of US troops.



2 thoughts on “The 1000th post! Champagne!

  1. Congratulations, FX! This is indeed a monumental effort of blogging and every milestone should be celebrated.
    I am flattered to be included as a fan, but it is because your collection of images and histories is so interesting. The scale of WW1 did not allow people of the time to understand the enormous changes to governments, culture, and society that war produced. Even 100 years later the world is still struggling with the consequences of this tragic event. This French photo of American and Russian soldiers says far more about the transformation of the world than 1000 pages in a history book ever could.
    I look forward to the next thousand!

  2. Congratulations for the result and the efforts made.

    Thanking you for that thousand of photos shared, I can only tell you . Bravissimo!… and go to the next thousand.

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