The white war (again)

You certainly remember this picture I’ve posted some time ago (see this post), which shows us men of Italian 4th Field Artillery Regiment (3rd Group, 6th Déport Battery, 4th Army Corps) hauling a 1911 gun.


I’ve found a very similar picture in my archive. To be honest, even if the second picture was taken from another location, I am almost convinced the gun is the very same war, as there are too many common elements: the wires, the ladder… What do you think about it?



One thought on “The white war (again)

  1. Both photos are very dramatic and I think it is the same field gun and soldiers. The first demonstrates the incredible steep mountain walls which necessitated such engineering and rigging. The second shows the hazard and and absurd cold that the soldiers labored to overcome. Have you considered how they negotiated the cliff when the gun reached the limit of the hoist? It must have required multiple cranes fro hundreds of guns!

    Thank you for your focus on this part of the war. I have come to appreciate the extraordinary challenges that these soldiers on both sides of the valleys had to endure. The war was so much more than the Hollywood cliche of the trench warfare in France.

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