Every Man Remembered

I think I am the only person  who has ever bought poppies online and asked for a delivery in Milan.

Thanks to that, I regularly receive letters and news from the Royal British Legion. The one I’ve received this week is about a new project, in partnership with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission: individually commemorate the 1,117,077 Commonwealth Service men and women killed during the First World War.

A letter and a leaflet explained the scope of the project, and invited me to remember a serviceman (randomly?) selected for me: Private H. Redihough of the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, who died on 23/08/1918.

I was struck by this idea, as this creates a link between myself and a soldier, who, before this week, was totally unknown to me. This obviously pushed me to some additional researches about this man, who was killed in action. He was in the 9th Bn, his service number was #11232, and his grave is located in the Regina Trench Cemetery in Grandcourt (France).

I’ll be glad to participate in this project, and I do hope that every man (and woman) fell in the First World War will be honoured! To know more about this project, just click here.



5 thoughts on “Every Man Remembered

  1. Non c’è che dire, una bella lezioncina.
    E’ incredibile come in Italia, di fronte a tanti singoli o associazioni di appassionati e volontari che si occupano del ricordo dei caduti, ci sia tanto silenzio da parte del mondo ufficiale.

    • Quel che stupisce di più è come sono organizzati enti come la CWGC o la Royal British Legion, sono vere macchine di guerra. Dal punto di vista del marketing, sono degli esempi da seguire…


  2. Hello,

    people usually notice my poppy and generally know it’s link with Great-Britain in some way (thanks to the TV which shows UK Prime Minister wearing it in Oct/Nov.), but nobody knows the reason behind it. The Bleuet de France is almost totally unknown in France and elsewhere; I am glad this symbol is worn by French rugby players this year.

    There is no hope such things can ever become popular in Italy; everything which is linked with military world or even remembrance is seen as almost-fascist…

    • It’s a strange irony that remembering the victims of statist wars should be considered at all fascistic!

      I didn’t realise that the French Rugby team was using the Bluet, but I am pleased to hear that it is getting some publicity.

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