Another group of Italian medals

For this Monday, here is another picture of a series of “mignon” medals worn by Italian war veterans (the first series shown yesterday is just a click away).

Yesterday’s medals had a diametre of 17 mm ca., these ones are even smaller, as their diametre is 12 mm ca.:

foto 5-ok

The series includes the following medals, from left to right:

– Croce al Merito di Guerra

– Volontari di Guerra

– Guerra italo-turca 1911-1912

– Commemorative Medal (known as “Bronzo nemico”)

– Unità d’Italia 1848-1918

– Interallied Medal, Italian version

The first owner of this series is unknown, but we know thanks to these medals that he fought in Libya in the 1911-1912 war and then was a volunteer during the Great War.

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