The wait (5) – Ferdinand

Our Friday’s Poulbot drawing of the week is in some way linked to the topic of the week (“The wait) but it probably needs some additional information.

It shows us children playing at war. By the German side, some of them are trying to convince one, named Ferdinand, to take part to the battle. This Ferdinand is obviously Tsar Ferdinand I, King of Bulgaria.

When the First World War erupted in August 1914 Bulgaria was still recovering from the negative economic and demographic impact of the recent Balkan wars and avoided direct involvement in the new conflict by declaring neutrality. As the war progressed the Central Powers persuaded the country to join their cause in September 1915. On October 14, 1915, the country declared war on Serbia. Bulgaria was forced to seek and accept an armistice on September, 30 1918. With the Treaty of Neuilly in 1919, the country had to return all occupied territories, cede even more of its land and pay heavy reparations.


– Shall you come, Ferdinand?
– And if I fall?

This drawing shows us the hesitations of the country in the 1914-1915 timeframe, and a kind of “political wait”.


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