The wait (1) – Card players

Another week, another topic: the wait. Indeed the Great War was of course made of fierce battles, but we must not forget that most of the days of the soldiers were filled with routine and wait: wait for a leave, wait for a letter from home, wait for next assault or the next shell… I’ll show today and all along this week pictures which can represent this state.

Let’s start with these German card players, who have transformed some barn into their barrack for the night. According to the caption on the back, this picture was taken by R. Moretti, an Italian photographer based in Florence. These (Saxon ?) soldiers belong to a military band, as shown by the Schwalbennester (swallow’s nests ) on their uniforms. One of these men wears a strange cap. Is it a German one or is it a war booty?

Eventually, a personal note: this post was the 900th on this blog! Do you remember the very first one?



One thought on “The wait (1) – Card players

  1. Bandsmen did more waiting then many other units, so cards were always in their pockets. Congratulations on reaching a new milestone. Only 667 more and you will last longer than the war!

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