A rather strange picture, isn’t it? This is another image linked to this week’s theme (Soldiers at work) but I really don’t expected to find a day a photograph of German soldiers in their workshop, which may be a cabanon near the front line, as the walls are made of wood. They are working on a chair, without any military purpose.



One thought on “Joiners

  1. This week’s theme is very entertaining. When the front lines became static with elaborate fortifications, I imagine that craftsmen of Bavaria and the forested parts of Germany and Austria were happy to build the interior furnishings for redoubts. That is surely a chair intended to support the German counterpart to yesterday’s pen-pushing Italian officer.

    Photos of POW camps often include very elaborate rustic furniture that was made by the imprisoned soldiers, in this case French, Belgian, and British servicemen. I wonder if they might have made items like benches, chairs, and tables for the German military too.

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