Forte Oga and its armoured turrets

Believe me or not, this picture was taken this Saturday. I had some free time during a journey towards Bormio and I had the opportunity to visit Oga fort (known as “Forte Dossaccio” or “Forte Venini” too), just before it’s closure for Winter season. And you can understand why: the fort is already covered by snow; I was even the only visitor of the fort this day. The guardians were rather suprised to see me arrive, which make them say: “We’ve been invaded!”. Here is a wonderful sight of the four armoured turrets, which were for the (now missing) 120mm guns, which were able to hit targets at 13,000 meters.

I’ll show in the next days/weeks several posts about this fort. If you can’t wait, here’s a site about it (in Italian).


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