The truce at the well

As usual, a Poulbot drawing for this Friday! We find again the bucket theme, but today’s picture is a more complex one.

Let’s start with the translation: “Ton seau ? C’est ton seau ? Veux-tu ma main sur la gueule ?” can be translated in “Your bucket? Do you want my hand on your face?“. This dialog is between a French soldier and a German one, close to a well. This well is probably in the no man’s land between the lines, we can see in the background French soldiers in a trench.

This drawing shows that truces were more common than one can think. Everybody knows the famous Xmas 1914 truce, but as written by Tony Ashworth in his Trench Warfare 1914-1918, the Live and Let Live system, illicit truces brought about by adverse weather or by indirect means were applied.

In this case, both sides share the same well to get water, I remember having read a similar story for the Italian front, where Italian and K.u.K. troops shared the same water spring.

Eventually, the most important element is that this drawing was published in French newspapers without censorship, which shows that civilians were aware that this kind of truce happened.



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