Sanctuary Wood Cemetery

Sanctuary Wood Cemetery is a  CWGC cemetery for the dead of the First World War, 5 km east of Ypres, Belgium, close to the Canadian Hill 62 Memorial.

Sanctuary Wood itself was named by British troops in November 1914 when it was used to shelter troops. Three small commonwealth cemeteries were established in it between May and August 1915 but were largely obliterated during the Battle of Mount Sorrel. When the war finished, traces of one of them were found, containing 137 graves, and became the core of the present Sanctuary Wood Cemetery. It was greatly expanded between 1927 and 1932 with graves being moved in from surrounding areas, with a few being moved from as far away as Nieuport. The majority of these graves were from the battles around Ypres in 1914 and the Allied offensive in late 1917.

The cemetery holds 636 identified casualties, and 1,353 unidentified ones:

Australia = 88 (55 unidentified)

Canada = 142 (unidentified 70)

Newfoundland = 3 (2 unidentified)

Germany = 1

Great Britain = 1734 (unidentified 1214)

New Zealand = 18 (14 unidentified)

South Africa = 3

Source : CWGC page and Wikipedia page.


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