The Landsturm

I won’t spend too much words about the organization of Landsturm units in Germany during the Great War (for more information, you can have a look at this site), you just have to know that 334 Landsturm battalions were established in Germany during the conflict. The man on our picture belonged to the Infanterie Bataillon ‘Münsingen’ (XIII 20), and this picture was taken in May 1917. I like his gaze, and the details of the barracks: the beds in the background, the presence of another soldier who looks at the photograph, the pipe in his hand, the velvet unifor, the beer glass…



2 thoughts on “The Landsturm

  1. Hi Mike,
    like most of the photographs I own, this one has a normal “postcard” size and was indeed sent as a postcard by the soldier to his family. Unfortunately, German handwriting is always rather hard to decipher and I may sometimes miss some interesting information.

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