Letters from home

A moving and strange picture for this Monday. The topic is quite common: a group photo of German soldiers who are reading letters from home. But this photograph communicates a strange feeling: indeed, as these soldiers have the same age, are dressed in the same way, have the some kind of moustache and look physically identical, the whole scene looks like a photomontage where the same person appears several times.


In any case, such photos are always very interesting to study because if you look at them closely, you can find a lot of details, such as the wallet hold by one of this men,


or even the absolutely unregulatory trench-made clogs of another soldier!



4 thoughts on “Letters from home

  1. A very fine photograph. Soldiers having a similar appearance was probably common to all the armies, but each nationality was distinguished by the hair, beard, and mustache styles. I’m struck by their age and lean physique. These are older men, their age at least 30s and even 40s. And they are not over fed. Nothing like the servicemen of 1940 or certainly today.

  2. This is fantastic isn’t it! Melancholy permeates the photo also. Seems insensitive to have posed them with their letters… and missing home. The emotions were the same no matter what side you fought for.

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