Mountain roads

Another view of a mountain road during the journey of a German soldier on the Italian front in 1916… Thanks to the legend, we know that this place is the valley of Mattarello, a little town which is located some kms south of Trento. This means that the column, from Trento, didn’t take the Fresina Road (see previous post) at the N-E of Trento, but the southern road, which leads to the Asiago Plateau too. Did this soldier come back and forth from the front to the supply depot and took different roads? We’ll probably never know. Did you notice that the truck which follows the photographer is the VI 2190 one spotted yesterday?



One thought on “Mountain roads

  1. That is a most impressive road grade! I would not wish to try that in a modern car, much less a vintage 1914 lorry filled with maize. Do you think the officers riding in the open touring car below were impressed with the view?

    I went to Google Maps to see the roads in this valley, and used the Street View and there are still many old roads, indeed ancient roads, that have spectacular climbs. But now I can imagine how challenging it must have been to negotiate them in the winters of 1914-18!

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