The Renault FT 17 Tank

Even if this tank is displayed in the collection of the Fondation Berliet vehicles, this FT 17 French tank wasn’t produced by Berliet company. Berliet produced 800 FT 17 tanks during the war, but their ID number goes from 73000 to 73801. The #67626 tank was produced by Renault; the man watching the inside of the tank gives a good idea of its small size.

A note about the system of identification of French tanks:

– white circle: 1st company

– white square: 2nd company

– white triangle: 3rd company

– white losange: 4th company

– ace of spades: 1st section

– ace of hearts: 2nd section

– ace of diamonds: 3rd section

– ace of clubs: Echelon

Therefore this tank, as indicated by his ace of spades in a white circle, belonged to the 1st section of the 1st company of its unit.

A last note about the name of this tank: FT 17. It doesn’t mean « Faible Tonnage », nor « Faible Taille », neither « Franchisseur de Tranchées », it’s just the production code used by Renault, as this vehicle was produced after « FS » ones and before « FU » trucks (which were by the way used to carry FT tanks).



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