A tank in New York

nyI almost fell in love with this picture, which shows a British Mk IV Female tank in the streets of New York. The building is of course the famous Flatiron Building located at 175 Fifth Avenue, completed in 1902.

This picture was taken during the Liberty Bond parade down 5th Ave, on 27th September 1918. Other pictures show the tank, named “Britannia” (as indicated by a banner with Britannia on it) with armoured cars of the NY National Guard in the background.

Some allied tanks were used as part of the Victory Loan fund raising.

To know more about this topic, just have a look at this thread on a US forum!


4 thoughts on “A tank in New York

  1. What a lovely old picture, full of drama and history.
    May I use it to post on my Flickr site please?
    Your site acknowledged as the source of course.

  2. There was only one British . tank used but she visited many US and Canadian towns and cities from coast to coast from Oct 1917 to Jan 1919 Including New York (7 times) Boston (twice), Toronto (twice), Chicago (3 times), San Franciso, Los Angeles, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St Louis, to name but a few. It is claimed that the tank currently held by the museum at Aberdeen proving grounds is the same tank but this is incorrect at this tank lacks certain features that Britannia had (such as a cab roof hatch) and is in fact a tank delivered for training purposes later in the war.

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